Look for The Lesson 

On our daily venture, every Present Moment we have a choice as to what we want to BE. In that choice, we determine what type of energy we are going to exhibit. When we decide to Be Happy,  we tend to see more happiness. The converse can also be true. With that in mind, it is not what we look at that matters, it is what we are Being that does. So when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.


Tony Sellaway
Author of:

Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


Why Not Smile? :)

My goal each morning is to see how many people I can make smile today!

Our Life Experience is a series of Present Moments. They are not necessarily good or bad, right or wrong, but rather just are what we see them as. A key that I have found is that we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are. So it seems that it takes about the same amount of energy and intention in any Present Moment to be in a “good mood” as it does to be in a “bad mood.” Since Life is a sum of our choices, we have the ability and responsibility to make a decision as to what we want To Be.


Making a choice To Be Happy does not mean that you ignore your surroundings, family and friends, or your present Life Situation. What we can do is decide to be what we want to see which will then influence what we look at in that moment. If we pay attention, we will often see that our world is really just a reflection of our own inner thoughts expressing themselves in the persons and things we attract from said thoughts. I tell people that is began my Awakening, I would get up each morning and apply a thick balm of “madness repellent.” As I became better at managing my thoughts, I found that now I can use a light spritz of the repellent as I attract what I AM.

As we accept responsibility for all of our choices; mood, food, music, news, conversations and activities or lack thereof; we remove the victim mentality and restore our power to be what we intend to be. Our happiness is in our choice of thoughts, not what someone else thinks. This gives us the freedom to improve our Life Experience at each Present Moment knowing that there is a Lesson to be gleaned from each Present Moment; and that depends on what we think we are Being. So why not smile, think thoughts that make you feel good and then face the present moment?

My Love, Peace and Happiness to You,

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses 

Letting Go to BE Happy

“It is said that most people spend their lives regretting the past and fearing the future; therefore, they are unable to experience joy in the present.”
David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

What might a primary obstacle to our freedom to Be Happy? One thing that many of us DO often is compare. When we compare, we are necessarily setting up sides, duality or maybe an either/or scenario. We are all individuals, there are currently 7 billion + of us rotating around the Sun on this small rock we call Earth 🙂 That is a lot of individuality to contend with if we choose to do so.

enjoy your life

When we look at ourselves, we could find many different areas to compare our self with others: physically, financially, mentally and spiritually just to name a few. In any of the many areas we could choose, there will be someone that has more or less than you do, or is more or less proficient than you. When most persons are asked about “Darwin’s Theory,” they usually say “That the Strongest will survive.”  We then take this to mean that we must compete and be better than others to survive. The principle of Darwin’s theory is actually “survival of the Fittest,” which implies that all would work together to ensure that all would benefit. When we become comfortable with our uniqueness and begin to Love our Self for who and what we are, we relinquish the need for comparison to others.

The next step is to understand that the past does not change and the future never gets here. Looking back in time often causes regret and looking ahead creates anxiety. Everything that we Experience is Now, in a series of Present Moments. So right now as you read this, how is your Life Situation? You do have a choice right now to BE; why not choose to be happy?

Letting go of the comparison of things is also easier when we realize that we are often comparing ourselves to someone else’s highlight reel!

My Love and Peace to You,

Tony Sellaway, author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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The Dark Side Of Spirituality – Expanded Consciousness

by Luke Miller

Truth Theory I think it’s safe to say that spirituality is indeed a good thing. The problem is that some people can enter the spiritual world with a pre conceived misconception that it is going to be an all-round positive experience. Spirituality is not one thing and can be expressed in multiple …

Source: The Dark Side Of Spirituality – Expanded Consciousness

Is there an “Only Way”?

Have you ever paid attention to statements that begin with “The only …”?

We have at some time in our Life Experience been told that “the only” way to do something or get somewhere is “this way”. Look at some of the sayings, quotes or phrases that we use or see on various media. Many of them sound good on the surface. Some of the statements might not state the “only way” but are just as limiting. Here’s a few examples:


In asserting that there is an only way to do, be or have, we are necessarily setting up a duality effect, one which when examined, shows us that something can be true and false at the same time. In stating that nothing worth have comes easy, is to say that all the possible things, events or states of mind have to be acquired through hard work or effort. Not really.  Peace, Love and Happiness can be attained very easily when we understand from whence they originate, from within us rather from external people, places or things. Consider if you will, how many  new doors you opened by turning the handle or pushing or pulling, just like you did on the hundreds of prior doors. Many of these statements which state the only way are good to make a point, and can be very effective, though we would do well to limit their over-reaching of all possible alternatives.

In each of our Life Experiences, we will venture on separate, varying paths. They won’t all be the same and that is fine, even welcome. I often say, “I can’t make all the wrong turns, so I might as well learn from others!” When we look to others for their unique perspective from their Path, whether it be a particular route to work, a way of educating themselves, their religious beliefs or their spiritual practice; we allow ourselves to see the many possible paths available to get to the same destination.

My goal each day is to make people smile. There are so many persons, 7+ billion, each on a journey right now. As I continue to learn, grow and awaken, it becomes more evident that there is no “only way” for a person to attain a higher state of consciousness in their spiritual or religious lives. This is each of our own unique Life Experience. I am a teacher, not a preacher, and as such see that there are many paths to enlightenment. Let us consider that the person that is saying that their way is “the only” way could be more open-minded and less divisive by understanding there is “another way” rather than “the only way.”

My Love, Peace and Happiness to each of you as we continue to grow and awaken on Our Path

Tony Sellaway

Author, Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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Your diet? YOU ARE what You eat…

Water exists is several forms, similarly; We also have several forms.

Water can be liquid, steam, or frozen; and just as water can be present in these different forms, so can a person. Let’s draw an analogy and say that We have a physical body, mental state and a spiritual state. This is also referenced as The Trinity (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit) though we’ll address that at a later time 🙂 When we want to have a healthy, fruitful existence, we should take care of each of our bodies’ states.

Many persons are concerned with their physical body as we see a rise in the obesity rates in many countries. There are a myriad of approaches that one takes to affect one’s physical weight, appearance and well-being. Many say that they are going to go on a diet. Many succeed in losing weight, but many do not or find that their progress is short-lived. What is happening?

We would do well to understand that we are better served by taking a whole Being approach, a (w)holistic manner. What do you mean? A diet is not something you go on, a diet is what you consume. We consume foods and beverages, we read various media, we watch TV and internet media and we have conversations with many persons. These are all forms of consumption. When we realize that our well-being is affected by not just our food consumption, but also our mental and spiritual consumption as well, then we begin the process of whole being improvement.

Most of the news media is not putting out information in a format that makes one feel good. It is more fear based which works on our primal limbic response system of fight, freeze or flight. Give your mind and spirit a break and refrain from watching the news for a few days or even a week and see how you feel.

We also have a choice in the conversations in which we choose to participate. Some persons or topics do not feel good or do not add a positive value to your being. You know when you are in these, that icky feeling,  that down feeling or may I shower now conversation. Give yourself the opportunity not to participate in that particular drama act. It might still be there but you don’t have to.

As we continue to focus on our well-being more than dis-ease, we begin to clean up our consumption habits. As we look for the good, happy, peaceful things that are present in us and our surroundings, our diet improves. After all, we ARE what we eat.

My Love and Peace to You,

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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What is it with YOU and Happiness?

What comes out of an orange when it is squeezed?

We might have on some occasion had an opportunity to eat fresh orange. When you squeezed or bit into, after peeling it :), what came from it? Orange juice, yes? As we progress through our Life Experience, we encounter many situations. Each situation is neither good or bad, but rather what we think of it, makes it so. When we decide to look for the lesson in whatever is happening, we tend to learn something and can actually appreciate the present moment as teaching point.

On your daily endeavors, you have a choice as to how you are going to BE, do and view at each Present Moment. How we decide to BE (happy, sad, upset, grateful, etc.) has a profound determination on how we respond to the lesson. In turn, we can respond to rather than react to pressure that is being applied to us. So what we ARE at that moment is important to you well-being or your being in a state of dis-ease. You decide what you want to feel and then BE.

So when we have external pressure exerted on us, what comes out is what is in us. It is not the pressure that determines this, it is what we ARE when the pressure is exerted.

Choose to BE Happy my friends!

Tony Sellaway, Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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