Is there an “Only Way”?

Have you ever paid attention to statements that begin with “The only …”?

We have at some time in our Life Experience been told that “the only” way to do something or get somewhere is “this way”. Look at some of the sayings, quotes or phrases that we use or see on various media. Many of them sound good on the surface. Some of the statements might not state the “only way” but are just as limiting. Here’s a few examples:


In asserting that there is an only way to do, be or have, we are necessarily setting up a duality effect, one which when examined, shows us that something can be true and false at the same time. In stating that nothing worth have comes easy, is to say that all the possible things, events or states of mind have to be acquired through hard work or effort. Not really.  Peace, Love and Happiness can be attained very easily when we understand from whence they originate, from within us rather from external people, places or things. Consider if you will, how many  new doors you opened by turning the handle or pushing or pulling, just like you did on the hundreds of prior doors. Many of these statements which state the only way are good to make a point, and can be very effective, though we would do well to limit their over-reaching of all possible alternatives.

In each of our Life Experiences, we will venture on separate, varying paths. They won’t all be the same and that is fine, even welcome. I often say, “I can’t make all the wrong turns, so I might as well learn from others!” When we look to others for their unique perspective from their Path, whether it be a particular route to work, a way of educating themselves, their religious beliefs or their spiritual practice; we allow ourselves to see the many possible paths available to get to the same destination.

My goal each day is to make people smile. There are so many persons, 7+ billion, each on a journey right now. As I continue to learn, grow and awaken, it becomes more evident that there is no “only way” for a person to attain a higher state of consciousness in their spiritual or religious lives. This is each of our own unique Life Experience. I am a teacher, not a preacher, and as such see that there are many paths to enlightenment. Let us consider that the person that is saying that their way is “the only” way could be more open-minded and less divisive by understanding there is “another way” rather than “the only way.”

My Love, Peace and Happiness to each of you as we continue to grow and awaken on Our Path

Tony Sellaway

Author, Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses

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