What Are You BEing?


On your journey we call Your Life Experience, what is the difference between what you DO and what you ARE? Many of us like to acquire titles through education, work, political or religious affiliations just to site a few examples. We often spend many years attaining and then maintaining these titles. Some of us go so far as to insist on being addressed by our title, whether it is Dr. or Pastor or Senator or Judge, and on and on. Most of these titles are for the things that we do to earn a living, which is typically a necessary part of our lives. However, have we looked at our motives or intentions for striving for these titles?

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What are BEing on a daily basis?

When you start your day, you decide what kind of person you are going to be, which in turn determines what kind of day you will bring into your Life Experience. As we begin our day with a grateful spirit to be able to even make a decision on our attitude, then expand to other items we can be thankful for, a place to have slept, a warm shower, food to eat; we also expand our attitude of gratitude. Now as we decide to BE Happy and look for more beauty, love and peace in all that we encounter, we will undoubtedly see more of what we look for.

Now as you are BEing Happy while you are DOing what you must do to earn a living, you can possibly find a way to merge what you do with what you ARE. Looking back at our intention for getting a certain title attached to our existence can add some clarity to whether there is joy in what you do. Even if we don’t care for what we do as living, we can take some consolation in knowing that when we stop DOing this activity, we do not stop BEing. Some are fortunate enough to be able to do what they love as a means of earning a living, this is a being what you are doing; and oh, what a pleasant feeling this is!

As we drop our proclaimed titles which tend to be a form of division and begin to see that we are all One, all going on our Path with different ideas and thoughts, yet very similar destinations; we can change our world by being Peace, Love and Happiness. This will in turn change The World.

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without The Rose Tinted Glasses


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