It’s Not What You Know…


As we each progress through our Life Experience, we will encounter a person, a place or situation that we are not familiar with. We usually refer to our previous dealings, either consciously or subconsciously. When we don’t have a familiar or maybe a positive recollection to draw from, we often respond with our primal limbic reaction of fight, freeze or flight.


We have to train our minds, our thought patterns and actions to be open to optional,  preferably optimal, outcomes and or connotations. This means sometimes dismissing what we think we know in order to see another point of view.

“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.”

Ayn Rand

Begin to look at each situation with a sense of wonderment and from another’s point of view to broaden your thought patterns. Just to realize that our point of view is not the only point of view is the beginning of a learning process. Now we can open ourselves to a new idea or view rather than closing ourselves down from fear.


Be a willing student in your Life Experience,  it will open so many new doors of information and knowledge which when rightfully applied gives you power. So don’t close your mind off as Mark Twain said, “It’s not what we know or don’t know. It’s what we know that just isn’t so.”

Tony Sellaway
Author of Life:Without the Rose Tinted Glasses
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