What Do You See?

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When you look at another person, what do you see?

You and two associates are in a room awaiting the arrival of a fourth person, whom you have not met before. When the person comes into the room, what do you and your associates see in the person? Each of you will have an assessment of the individual. Will each of you have the same perception? What is that is seen by each person? There will likely be a difference in what each person sees .


One’s perception can be influenced by several factors. We see what we look for. We see what we like or dislike.We see labels. We see what WE ARE. Each person is going to be influenced by some of these factors, and if by the same factors, to varying degrees. So each person has a different perspective when they sum the fourth person of interest up. Now does this mean that the person of interest is three different persons?

This shows us that when we put labels and definitions on others, we are not defining them, we are defining ourselves. When we begin to  look at another person without placing labels upon them and simply as another pleasant spirit having a Life Experience as a human being, just like ourselves, then  maybe when can dissolve the dissimilarities and divisions.

An approach that I like to practice is understanding that many persons believe that the Creator or Universe; you can use whatever name you like; is our source of origin. Many understand the concept of being the children of God. Now here’s my take on this. God has children, but not grandchildren, therefore each person I meet is my Brother or Sister 🙂


Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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