Can A Question Allow Possibilities?

willing to change anything

I often say, “The best way to get an answer is to ask a question.” So what does asking a question bring into existence? Is it possible that the answer might not even be what we are looking for? As I continue on my Path to Enlightenment, one of my mentors and Spiritual Inspirations, Stephanie Richardson, has shown me that questions raise possibilities.

When we ask a question and look for the opportunities that can flow from the question itself rather than just looking for a solution, when begin to see a range of different scenarios that can BE. What am I saying? Often when we look just for a solution or answer, we look for something based on our prior”knowledge or situation.” This can be a limiting point of view as we might only look for something we think is “possible” from where we are. What’s “wrong” with that? Nothing, it is just that where you are is an accumulation of all the choices you have already made. So what if we instead look at what larger opportunities or different ways to BE could actually lead us to our growth AND awakening? In other words, looking just for and answer could actually limit your possible choices of a solution that would benefit you. It has been said that the solution may not be solved from the same mind that created the problem. And what if the solution from that “mind” is only extension of the “limited present reality”?

One tool or question that Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness has shown me is simply, “How can it get better than this?”

As you are going about your daily Life Experience, just ask, “How can it get better than this?” See what presents itself.  And then ask the question again.

My Love, Peace & Happiness to You,

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses