When did we first choose to be responsible?

One of my favorite quotes is “Life is the Sum of OUR Choices.” In my Life Experience, I began to see that the more I took responsibility for the choices that I make in each Present Moment, the more power I have in my Path. When we blame others for our condition or circumstances, we are allowing them to have some of our power to determine our direction, our growth and awakening; in many areas, physically, mentally and spiritually to name a few.


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How much Power do You have?

When we begin to look to when we started making choices, we can see when we had the power to take responsibility for ourselves. So how far back can you remember making choices in your life? It will probably be different for each person that ponders this.

Many of us have belief in The Source, The Universe, God or Higher Power; there are thousands of names and you can use whichever you like. In regards to The Source, many of us see ourselves as a being created by The Source and wholly separate from The Source and others on the planet with us.

Now allow me to float a concept, not anything new, just another view. What if We and The Source are actually One and the Same, connected, smaller versions of the Original? As such, YOU are the creator of your world. Now back to our question: When did we start making choices? As the creator of your world, you had a choice as to when you were going to show up on the planet, you chose your parents and what you wanted to experience through that choice. This concept puts all the responsibility on Us as an individual and we relinquish the blame on God, politics, the economy, our mate or any thing else. It is , was and will be about each of US taking responsibility for our Life Experience. This also gives us our power to make choices, good choices, choices that will benefit our world . What a responsibility, eh?!

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses

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How is Your Life Flowing?

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When we look around at our individual situation right now, what we see depends on our point of view.

A theme to my Life Experience is, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it the way we are.” Each of us has a unique perspective when we view a situation. The same situation can and will have a different meaning for each person; and that is OK. In each Present Moment, we have a choice as to how or what we are going to BE. We think “I am happy and grateful” and our view of our surroundings will from a positive view. Conversely, when we think “I am really perturbed or frustrated”, our perspective will tend to be a bit negative. in short though, our point of view is influenced by how we are in the moment.


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React v. Respond

As a situation or event unfolds in front of us, we have a choice in how we are going to handle it. One of my earlier teachers in my awakening taught me to think ten times before I speak. Thought travels at 24 billion miles per second so there is not actually a long delay in the response. The practice of hearing, listening, thinking and BEing in a particular state of mind before commenting or acting allows for One to respond with intention rather than to react to the situation with sometimes unintended feelings, emotions, words and/or actions.


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As we allow ourselves to BE in a state of Peace, Happiness and Love, and looking for the lesson we are to learn from it, our view of a situation will let is be “responsable” rather than reactive. You are constantly in the flow of the stream of the Universe; you can decide whether to paddle upstream against the current or use the paddles to guide you downstream with the current. It is then not a matter of ignoring unpleasant situations but rather adjusting our point of view which then allows us to maintain a “Calm in the Storm of the Life situation.”


Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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Which Way?

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My goal each day is to make people smile. There are so many persons, 7+ billion, each on a journey right now. As I continue to learn, grow and awaken, it becomes more evident that there is no “only way” for a person to attain a higher state of consciousness in their spiritual or religious lives. This is each of our own unique Life Experience. I am a teacher, not a preacher, and as such see that there are many paths to enlightenment. Let us consider that the person that is saying that their way is “the only” way could be more open-minded and less divisive by understanding there is “another way” or even “a better way” rather than “the only way.”


Rejecting another way of doing something without even looking at its merits or plausibility is very limiting to one’s knowledge. Keep your mind open to other points of view. With your mind open, it won’t fall out, but it will expand 🙂

My Love, Peace and Happiness to each of you as we continue to grow and awaken on Our Path

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses

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A Judge Needs Opposition

judge less

When we encounter other persons on a daily basis, we have an option as to how we view each of them. That is one of our freedoms: Choice. And at each Present Moment we have a choice on how we are going to BE. We don’t see the world as IT IS, we see it they way WE ARE. 

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If we are in a less the Love state of Being, we ofttimes see things, people and events from lower energy points of view such as shame, grief, fear or pride. From this level of consciousness, our view will necessarily created opposition by utilizing and Us v. Them mindset. In order for one to judge another there are usually opposing sides or points of view. In retrospect, we in our present state of consciousness create this opposition.


By raising our vibration or state of consciousness to Being Love, we reduce the comparison of people and events. We see that they are not good or bad, they just are, and we have the choice to see them in whatever light we can for the optimal outcome in that present moment. With our interactions with people, as we view them with Love, it becomes easier to see that we are all from the same Source, all on our Journey to enlightenment. We don’t all start in the same place or take the same Path, and that’s OK. Look to understand where a person is on their Path, it is theirs, not yours. As we judge others less, we reduce division and opposition. The goal of Unity and Peace becomes more attainable for ourselves.

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In your Present Moment, begin to look at your Life Experience with Love and see if what is presented to you changes.

My Love, Peace and Happiness to You

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose-Tinted Glasses


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Your Choice is Your Freedom

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We have probably heard that when we blame someone or something, we give that someone our power or that something power over us. Each of us are on Our Path, we grow, we learn, we awaken. We see our Life Experience and we have thoughts, feelings and emotions about where we are and what we are. We can question how we got here and why we are here. In all of our dealings on our Path, we have choices. We choose what we want to believe created the world we live in, we choose whom we want to believe is The Creator, The Universe, God, you can use what name you are familiar with as there are many names used.

One thing that keeps Us apart is division. Sounds simple, yes? On one level, when we see ourselves as separate from our Source, we are creating a division. We then see a division between all the things that the Source has made. So if we now blame The Source for our Life Experience, we are relinquishing our power AND responsibility for where we are.



Going back to our ability to choose, well let’s go all the way back to our “beginning.” When we prescribe to the idea that we chose to be here, we chose our parents, we chose this Life Experience; it was so we could grow, then awaken to our knowledge of Self and then influence our world. WE ARE connected to The Source,  as we are the source, the universe. If we stop talking about The Source in third person and start living all the ancient texts and scriptures as say an autobiography, we regain our power and relinquish the separateness of all that is. The Universe is Love, Peace, Happiness and One. It is The Source of everything.

2014-08-03 20.45.02

When we choose to BE Love, Peace and Happiness by thinking, saying and then being – “I Am Love,” we are then being The Universe. This choice gives us the freedom to know that we create our world, we have the power to influence what it will be. This is choosing to take responsibility for our Life Experience, no more blaming, now just living in our power to create our world.


My Love, Peace and Happiness to You

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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What Is Your Gift and Passion?

Many of us do lots of things well. What is your passion in Life? Do we have to search for it and where do we look? There are some things that we do that are very easy for us, sometimes, so much so that we don’t even notice that we are doing them. A passion for us can be something that we do that makes us and others smile, be happy or have that warm, feeling.

There are times in your search for your passion that you might have to look to a friend who then shows you the way back into yourself for the answer. You have a Trinity of Source: me, myself and I. Ofttimes we have an external Trinity of spirits known as friends that can also assist to guide us on our Path.


I am very fortunate to have my Trinity of angels to help me on my Path! They are each a Light brightening my Path as well as all they come in contact with.  Fonda FrederickStaci Tye and Stephanie Richardson have asked me questions of myself which lead me deeper inside my Being. They would tell me there were ways I was affecting people through various interactions that I wasn’t always either aware of or paying attention to when I was doing them. They each have so much Love and Inspiration within them and are always bringing that out of people they are around.

We talk about the ways we each affect others and how we can do these things easily, effortlessly. These things are your Gifts, they are to be given away, and when used properly, they bless both the recipient and the giver.Stephanie and I call them our little superpowers and each other X-Men 🙂

Some of our best teachers show us where to look but not what to see. Look within your Self and find those things you do that make you happy, your Gifts, your Passion; then as you find your Light, let it shine and brighten your world. This will in turn begin to brighten The World.

My Love and Peace to You

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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On Your Path, there are many questions that arise. Let’s  briefly address two of them: “Who are you?” and “Where are you?” To make this a little more personal, let’s ask Who am I? and “Where am I?” We are each living our individual experiences and as such, we will ofttimes see the same thing from different perspectives; and that is OK. When we can acknowledge AND accept that others will have a different point of view, we allow ourselves to encompass a broader view which then allows us to learn more.

Many times when we are answering questions, we refer to information and/or knowledge that we have accumulated on our Path. Again, there are numerous sources of information and it can be learned differently, understood differently and thus applied differently. Again, this is OK. When we begin our process of educating ourselves about ourselves, one of the optimal places to first look is at our SELF. By using yourself as the primary subject, we can reduce the need for comparing our Path, though it will not eliminate the comparisons; but we need to start somewhere. Also, understand that it is OK to question what you know.So as we look at our sources of our knowledge and how we apply our knowledge, we start the process of learning by sometimes un-learning what we thought we knew.

Let’s look at an example of something that has varied views. When I say “GOD”, what comes to your mind? When I say Universe or Source, do you have the same image or understanding? Which of the terms do you feel you are a part of, and which do you think you are separate from?

2013-12-10 11.59.03-3

If you scoop a bucket of water from the ocean as you are standing on the beach, what is the water in the bucket and is it different from the ocean because it is in the bucket? Take this same analogy to YOU and your view of your SELF.Referring back to what makes you feel and/or think you are a part of, rather than being separate from; we can begin to see how it is easier to build a relationship with what we are, something we are familiar with or see the similarities with. As we realize that WE are not as separate from each other; and in turn from whom created US, we then begin to reduce the reasons for superficial differences. When we start applying this to our daily lives, we begin to see that all the so-called social, economical, political and racial differences really are not important.

How do we apply this “new found” knowledge of our SELF to our two questions? If we see ourselves as a smaller part of The Universe, individual yet connected by a common Source, we can all create a new world for ourselves and a new World collectively. We can say, “I AM the creator of my world, which is where I AM Here and Now.”


My Love, Peace and Happiness to you on Your Life Experience…Namasté


Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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What Are You BEing?


On your journey we call Your Life Experience, what is the difference between what you DO and what you ARE? Many of us like to acquire titles through education, work, political or religious affiliations just to site a few examples. We often spend many years attaining and then maintaining these titles. Some of us go so far as to insist on being addressed by our title, whether it is Dr. or Pastor or Senator or Judge, and on and on. Most of these titles are for the things that we do to earn a living, which is typically a necessary part of our lives. However, have we looked at our motives or intentions for striving for these titles?

2015-05-18 18.22.45

What are BEing on a daily basis?

When you start your day, you decide what kind of person you are going to be, which in turn determines what kind of day you will bring into your Life Experience. As we begin our day with a grateful spirit to be able to even make a decision on our attitude, then expand to other items we can be thankful for, a place to have slept, a warm shower, food to eat; we also expand our attitude of gratitude. Now as we decide to BE Happy and look for more beauty, love and peace in all that we encounter, we will undoubtedly see more of what we look for.

Now as you are BEing Happy while you are DOing what you must do to earn a living, you can possibly find a way to merge what you do with what you ARE. Looking back at our intention for getting a certain title attached to our existence can add some clarity to whether there is joy in what you do. Even if we don’t care for what we do as living, we can take some consolation in knowing that when we stop DOing this activity, we do not stop BEing. Some are fortunate enough to be able to do what they love as a means of earning a living, this is a being what you are doing; and oh, what a pleasant feeling this is!

As we drop our proclaimed titles which tend to be a form of division and begin to see that we are all One, all going on our Path with different ideas and thoughts, yet very similar destinations; we can change our world by being Peace, Love and Happiness. This will in turn change The World.

Tony Sellaway

Author of Life: Without The Rose Tinted Glasses


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When do You question what you believe?


Is there a difference between knowing and believing?

I often say the best way to get an answer is to ask a question. When we look at the vast amount of information that is present and then consider how much of that information do we each either have access to, have experienced or even just heard of, our actual knowledge base begins to become relatively small.



There are so many sources of information; books, television and print media, mentors, friends, clergy and just BEING, to name a few.. When we attain it, it becomes knowledge. The practical application of that knowledge can be considered wisdom. When we are acutely aware in our Life Experience, we will see that everyone and everything is our teacher. In our grasping that concept,  we would do well to start considering each of our sources of information and their sources as well as their intent in providing us with that information.

2015-06-18 12.36.26

Just because we know something doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right, wrong, true or false. It is the same with a belief. Some of the sources of our beliefs are from persons we never met whom lived hundreds or thousands of years ago. So if you were present when that information was first divulged, would you have readily accepted that information? When you receive information now from someone you know or have heard of, do you just accept it or are you skeptical or possibly endeavor in some research? In some cases, what would make you accept something from some source you have never seen while rejecting it from a source that you know? Being a contemporary in the age of information you are using to base your beliefs on can be a challenge either to accept or reject particularly if we do not research the sources.

What is a belief? Is it synonymous with a fact? One way to look at a belief is that it is an opinion of a person or group of persons based on their perspective of gathered information. A fact is information that even when observed from different points of view can be determined as true from all sides. Beliefs can be based on facts but are rarely facts themselves but rather information that is used to bolster or validate our opinion or point of view. This is where the questioning of our beliefs can become a beginning of a learning process; because sometimes we have to unlearn what we know and believe in order to gain new perspectives.

When we seek to understand first our own reasons for having certain beliefs, then understanding that there are over 7 billion persons on this planet with varying beliefs, we can then also begin to look at what another person believes not as a point of contention or division but as another way to see things. Not right or wrong, just different; and that’s OK.

Tony Sellaway

Author, Life: Without the Rose Tinted Glasses


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It’s Not What You Know…


As we each progress through our Life Experience, we will encounter a person, a place or situation that we are not familiar with. We usually refer to our previous dealings, either consciously or subconsciously. When we don’t have a familiar or maybe a positive recollection to draw from, we often respond with our primal limbic reaction of fight, freeze or flight.


We have to train our minds, our thought patterns and actions to be open to optional,  preferably optimal, outcomes and or connotations. This means sometimes dismissing what we think we know in order to see another point of view.

“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.”

Ayn Rand

Begin to look at each situation with a sense of wonderment and from another’s point of view to broaden your thought patterns. Just to realize that our point of view is not the only point of view is the beginning of a learning process. Now we can open ourselves to a new idea or view rather than closing ourselves down from fear.


Be a willing student in your Life Experience,  it will open so many new doors of information and knowledge which when rightfully applied gives you power. So don’t close your mind off as Mark Twain said, “It’s not what we know or don’t know. It’s what we know that just isn’t so.”

Tony Sellaway
Author of Life:Without the Rose Tinted Glasses
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